Hey Ya! Kids Make Halftime Dancers Look Clunky

Prepare to be overloaded with awesomeness as two little dudes work their magic dancing to Outkast's "Hey Ya!" on a Wii video game.

Yes, the advent of movement game systems like the Wii have given us a way to get off our rears and sweat off some pounds while staying glued to the TV all day. However, the best aspect is watching others move -- like these adorable kids:

Trust us, what you do when you're playing Wii with your friends may seem cooler than being cool, but nothing's as ice cold as when two little brothers shake it like a polaroid picture.

Clearly their parents are entertained, as they've created an entire YouTube channel devoted to these munchkins. And why shouldn't they? It was borderline unfair that they alone got this great of a performance in the first place.

So enjoy the show and don't try to top it because you won't.

As Andre 3000 says, "I'm just being honest."


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