"People-oriented" management philosophy of the core

Placed the human factor in business development in a prominent position, wholeheartedly rely on the masses of workers to do business, respect, caring, culture, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, initiative and creativity, take various forms to improve the quality of staff and establish a first-class corporate image.

Enterprise spirit: unity, pragmatic, enterprising, dedicated

"Unity" team unity, staff unity, unity of businesses up and down. Unity is the completion of the basic guarantee of corporate strategic objectives, unity is strength, unity on the fighting and unite to be invincible.

"Pragmatic" refers to the pragmatic, not for vanity, down to earth, solid work, focus on solving practical problems. Both a pragmatic attitude, but also a style, reflecting the basic principles of doing things.

"Aggressive" with the times, pioneering spirit, the theme of the times, is bigger and stronger imperative. Progress will continue to learn, progress must be good at thinking ahead we must dare to innovate, we must strive for excellence and enterprising

"Contribution" is the fine tradition of coal enterprises, the value of the highest state of life; stronger businesses, contributing to society for the benefit of employees, is too Western Coal spiritual realm. Dedication, we must carry forward the cardinal who is too Western coal, the overall situation, to fight, willing to bear hardship and lofty spirit of tradition.

Vision: bigger, stronger, doing good, doing a hundred years

"Bigger, stronger, doing good, doing a hundred years" this is our common vision of business and the employees, was too Western Coal industry development and corporate quality of the final focus. Large, the emphasis is expansion of the size of the business, is too Western Coal Group to become a major economic resource of the aggregates, construction and operation of large scale, brand-value, integrated-effective large group. Strong, is an enterprise comprehensive strength, strong domestic and international industry-leading group. To become a hundred years, it must be continuous innovation and development, give priority to strengthening and expanding businesses, and improving the vitality, so as to achieve so long as a century corporate purposes.


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