Department of Western Coal Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia too much coal 100 company, is the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 20 key coal enterprises hundred industrial enterprises, Alashan backbone enterprises, large taxpayer companies, export companies. Group is a production, processing, distribution, import (export) of coal and coal chemical products, non-coal products, alloy products in one multi-regional, cross-industry joint-stock enterprises. Group has won the league level and regional-level contract and trustworthy enterprise grade (AAA) credit, corporate integrity, innovation and outstanding business development, autonomous regions and customer satisfaction product, autonomous regions and customer satisfaction services, the national customer satisfaction, the country "five a "labor certificates and other honors. Passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, ISO4001: 2004 environment management system and GB/T28001: 2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. "Lanshan" brand is too well-known Western Anthracite is a trademark of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region won the brand-name, the title of National Customer Satisfaction. Currently, the company assets of 100 billion yuan, profits and taxes total nearly $ 800 million. Under the jurisdiction of nearly 30 grass-roots units, over 10,000 employees, more than 1,000 professional and technical personnel.

      Group excellent "Pilot" - Comrade Chairman Wang Ting won the National "May Day" Labor Medal and the "National Model Worker" honor, and he would have won the Alxa League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region "model worker", Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region business entrepreneurs and other honorary titles. In 2000, the market remained sluggish in the coal up to eight years in the case, to Wang-ting, chairman of the core group leadership, hard work, ambitious, scientific development, the development of a "coal-based, cycle development, transformation appreciation, highlighting the benefits of "the general idea and" based on resources, in situ conversion of appreciation, increase the technology content, to broaden the business area, the development of circular economy, promoting enterprise development "strategy, and unswervingly follow the development of coal, extension of coal, coal beyond the road, committed to economic, social and environmental development, the implementation of resource transformation strategy to promote sustainable use of resources, adhere to both development and conservation, saving the principle of priority, change the mode of economic development, the development of circular economy, the development of the construction of Xingtai Coal Chemical Industry Park, Wusitai coal chemical industry park, A Right Banner Changshan silicified Industrial Park, Industrial Park, Coal Minqin red sand hill, the amount of flag points too high Ceke International Logistics Park "five industrial park" long-term development planning. Planning in the "12 5" end investment of 20 billion yuan to build "too Western coal - coal chemical industry - electricity - Building Materials," "coking coal - coke - coke - Electricity - Building Materials," "Coal - Electricity - multi-alloy - Building Materials" chain. Gradually formed a competitive recycling industry chain. Currently, the park has been completed and a project to benefit.

      Currently, the company has formed coal products (of), focus (of), three metallurgical industry for nearly 30 varieties, including anthracite, low ash coal, by charring agent, carbon, activated carbon, industrial coal, coking coal, coke, coke, long-flame coal, multi-alloy products. Exported to Germany, France, the United States, the Netherlands, Britain, Japan and Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

      To "12 5" end, the coal output will reach 25 million tons / year (including imports), coal, coal chemicals, coal-based, multicomponent alloys, building materials and other products on the market overall, and strive to achieve sales revenue of 35.8 billion yuan / year, 5 billion yuan in profits and taxes / year, 20,000 to solve employment.

      Inner West Coal is too rapid development with glory, to achieve new leaps.

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